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As most of you know, in order to effectively organize and run a successful activity or event, a group of people must work together. As members of the committee, we are committed in trying to enhance the quality of life within our community by providing you with interesting activities. However we NEED YOUR HELP!

Everyone has obligations; family, work, studies and others and as such, the members of the board also have a limited amount of time they can dedicate to the Hall. We want the members of the community to feel they have an important role in the success of the Community Hall.

We are also looking for hidden talents; so if you have any which could be useful or help improve the community, you are welcome. We need assistance with set-up, tear down, cleaning, kitchen duties, ticket sales, baking, kids’ activities, bingo and more.

We are establishing a list of volunteers to assist us with upcoming activities. If you wish to be part of the experience, contact a board member or email us at  meaghersgrantvfd@gmail.com. Give us your name, contact information and what you are interested in helping with at

Last Update 2017-08-10
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